Kitchen Project

The largest project I have taken on would probably be the kitchen from our house on Odie St.  The house was build in the 1960s and the kitchen had never been updated.  The deep reddish-brown lacquered wood with pounded copper hardware.  The washer and dryer were in the same area and acted as pseudo-counter space.  Tile counter top was falling apart and the plumbing was a mess.  I bought the unfinished cabinets when we moved in with some of the money we made from selling our previous home.  They sat in the front room for about a year but the day came for the project.

With my father and brother helping, we tore out the entire kitchen, cut the old plumbing part of which was moving the washer and dryer to the other side of the wall which happened to be the garage.  The walls were patched and covered wit a coating of Kilz to cover the bug problem.  All cabinets and counter top were installed.  This was all done over 4 days.  Later, my wife and I finished the cabinets and finished all the painting.

This was the result.  The red was chosen to be a dramatic accent to neutral cabinets.  What you don’t really see are the details added.  All the places on the wall were covered with a textured paintable wallpaper.  The cabinet finish has an antiquing in all the crevices and there is molding on top and bottom.  The layout was designed with space and efficiency in mind.  I really missed that.

So, what do you do with the dirty dishes during the project?

And what do you do with the old, very large and heavy cast iron sink that was replaced?

Here is the entire project.

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