Proper Etiquette

About a year ago I had requested an artist do a commission for a new tattoo.  I had seen an Asian style piece they did and liked it.  I told them the general guidelines and over 10 months or so we worked on the design.  Then, on my last requested change, they stopped communicating.  During this process, we had gone a month or two between each change.  I understand that this is not their day job.  A couple of times they said it would be free for taking so long, but I insisted on paying.  Over a couple of months I sent them a message, an email and even wrote a short note on their FB wall.  In all correspondence, I was courteous and asked if they were working on the design or if they wanted to be off the project.

No response.
So, I assume they have quit.  It would have been better to tell me life was busy and they no longer wanted to continue.  Saying you’ll do something and not going through with it is behavior found in many organizations.  Interestingly, I found it most in church situations.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are being asked to take on something you do not want to, don’t mislead the person making the request, tell them “No”.  If you have trouble saying no, I read a blog that had some useful tips.
So be courteous to your fellow humans.  We all get busy and we all have things we want done. Don’t say you’ll do something if you can’t.  Just say “no”.

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