My Horse Threw a Shoe

Thursday started as any other. Out the door early, I had payroll to finish up, things were looking promising.  I took my oldest to school.  I thought I heard someone honk at me as I was getting on the highway, but could not really tell.  Finally, about halfway to work, someone did get my attention and informed me of the flat tire.

I was right at an exit, so I crossed three lanes of Airport Freeway and found a parking lot.  Sure enough, the rear diver side was completely flat.  I had not even noticed.  I went straight to work getting all the spare items out to get it changed and get back on the road, but I could not locate the special tool for removing the lugs.  I searched the entire car.  Nada.

I got on the phone to call my wife to bring my tool kit that I thought might have it.  She did not pick up her mobile or the house for 20 minutes.  Turns out she was watering the garden and could not hear them.  So by now I am getting later and more mad by the moment.  She finally arrives and the special item is not in the box nor is it in her van.  This thing is gone.  Then I recall getting my tires rotated about two months ago.  They must have misplaced it since I have not had a reason to look at the spare items since then.

We pack up and go to Discount Tire.  As usual, the line is out the door.  I get up to a counter and they are able to get me the item, no charge thankyouverymuch, and we are back on the road to my vehicle.  I get the tire changed in short order and get back on the road, now and hour behind. 

You would think that is the end of it, but halfway again, I get a wobble and noise.  I figure the spare is going flat, pull over and take a look.  Apparently, I have not tightened the lugs completely (palm face smack).  That done, no further issues getting to work.

So kids, what have we learned?  Make sure you have all your spare items, in good working order.  Checking it about once a month or every other just to make sure it is ready when you need it.  Next, no matter how much you trust the people working on your car, check that you got all your items back and the tightened thing properly.  Finally, learn to change a flat and check your own work.  Make sure the replaced tire is snug all the way around.

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