Memphis, TN

This past weekend I too the Princesses to Memphis, TN.  I had some free nights for Hilton, so I thought it was a good way to end their spring break.  It was a payroll week and their mom was not accommodating, so I was limited on what days and how long we could be gone.  We headed out on Friday and stopped at the place my mom and grandmother are buried in Texarkana.  I had tired to find their graves one other time without success.   I got picks of the markers.  Next we stopped at the Arkansas state capital.  We then passed by the President William Clinton library before betting back on the road.  The capital was really nice, but the roads around there are a nightmare.

We arrived at our hotel about 6pm.  The concierge was very friendly and we got coupons for free breakfast.  The room was on the 23rd floor with an amazing view and two fluffy queen beds.  The only real complaint I had was you could hear the highway noise and guests in another room.  Otherwise, everything was perfect.

We hit Graceland and got to see all the cars, airplanes and the mansion.  The home is modest by today’s standards, but must have been an amazing place in it’s day.  Abby got bored pretty quick and wanted to get to the zoo.  We arrived at the zoo about 2pm and had plenty of time to make it once around before they closed at 5.  It was as large as the one in Fort Worth, but with much fewer people.  They had a huge assortment of animals and all looked well kept.

We ended the day with dinner at the BBQ shop not far from the zoo.  The food was amazing.  There was so much we got full and still had leftovers to take home.

I was glad to have the time with my babies, though my emotions were mixed.  On the one hand, travel was much easier with only one adult to make the plans.  There was much less fighting too.  On the other hand, it was a bit sad since something just felt missing.  I want to spend plenty of time with the girls and give them experiences I didn’t get when I was younger.  I have a big trip planned for September that should get me father of the year status.

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