The big news in Android land was the release of Instagram.  If you live under a rock, it is a social picture sharing site, originally release for iPhones.  Since iPhones are amazingly limited on the apps you can have, Instagram became very popular.  I tried it out for a few days an found the whole thing lacking.  You take a pic, add a filter post it to your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

The program is very limited on the filters one can add and man I just did not see much of a difference.  Next, your picture has to be a perfect square.  You can resize it, but it stays a proportional square.  You can follow people and be followed, geotag your photos and like what others have posted.

Prior to the release, I found and used for months, picplz.  You can do all that Instagram does, every little bit.  Plus your pictures are not limited on their shape and while the filters are few, teach is very distinctive.

The only thing Instagram has going for it is it’s wide acceptance.  Unfortunately, as with Beta and VHS, it is not always quality that wins out but what the masses choose to use.

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