I’m an ogre, a Scrooge, a party pooper…I just don’t lie “celebrating” Many of the contrived holidays we have.  Christmas is too commercial.  Easter is full of too many sweets.  Father’s day should just be every day.  4th of July requires me to be out late with the mosquitoes.  Mother’s day is every day.  The two exceptions are Thanksgiving since all I have to do is eat and watch football and Halloween because it’s just awesome.  But one of my least favorite is April 1st, more commonly referred to as April Fool’s Day.

A day devoted to lying, misinformation and impractical jokes.  I don’t read anything on this day since there is little chance it’s true.  The worst though are the impractical jokes.  My girls all want to participate and want to “get” daddy.  So far, this has typically been me getting stuff on me I don’t want.
For instance, one of my daughters thought putting ice on me was funny.  The first three times, maybe, but after being asked to stop, I got ice on her.  She got upset and to get back, she and her mother dumped a tray of ice on me.  Ha ha.  Next, seeing that dumping things on daddy’s head was the proper way to celebrate this event, the Littlest got me a “sand hat” to wear.  It is just what it sounds like, a bowl full of sand.  I had it in my hair, ears, pocket and phone.  My reaction was less than cordial (a lot of frustrated, loud, “No, no, no…”) so I had to reassure the trickster I was not mad at her for playing the “joke”.  Finally, having thought that all was behind me, I discovered this morning that, environment be damned,  it is a good idea to turn on the lights prior to sitting on anything, including toilet seats since some “jokes” may spill over into April 2.

So yes, I lack a sense of humor about all of it, but I happily remain the target of my kiddos if it makes them happy.  I just wish it did not include quite so much mess.

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