The Richest Man in Babylon

I read this classic again since I’m on the hunt for financial independence.  This is one of my favorites since it lays out very simple rules for growing wealth slowly as the philosophy of hard work all in the form of parables and stories.  It’s important to focus on our goals and read things that help us reach those goals.  This book is short so you can finish it in a couple of hours.

Because I love it so much, and I want to give my kids the benefit of learning these rules early, I bought a copy for my oldest as she is about to start earning.  For those unfamiliar with the book, have a look at the wikipedia page.  There you’ll get all the details.  If you want a copy of your own to mark up and re-read, I suggest  The prices tend to be cheaper since it’s sort of like Amazon before it became bloated trying to be the Walmart of the online world.

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