Star Trek: Voyager Uniforms

My current prokect at the moment is creating Voyager uniforms for the girls and I for the upcoming Dallas Comic Con.  The task is proving to be quite a challenge.  Although there are commercial patterns for adult, such as the one at or from Joseph Kerezman, no one currently makes one for kids.  After making one for myself and understanding how it all fit together, I decided to use McCall’s M5952 as my base pattern and modify it to work.  The good folks at Starfleet1701st have been an amazing resourse through this project.  I am only finished with the first mockup of the pattern for my oldest, but I am hopeful the others will go quicker once I have the patter down.

Comm badges and rank pips are another item required to make the uniform complete.  They are easy to find for adults, but I wanted some that would be proportional to kids.  I happen to work in a place that has CADD designer so I asked if he could model the badge I had purchased.  He did and scaled it down to both 75% and 50% of the original.  I uploaded the OBJ files to  and now I am awaiting the 3D printed versions in white plastic.  With any luck, these will have the look I am after.

Update: the badges came in and they are AMAZING!  Exactly what I wanted.  The patterns for two of the jumpers are cut out.  I love it when a plan comes together.

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