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My company has been on the same accounting/project management software for almost the entire time they have been in business.  It is an old DOS based AS400 style that makes Windows 3.1 look futuristic.  I finally convinced my boss that we need to look into updating and so the adventure begins.

I started with  a Google search and turned up a great site for starting.  Software Advice is a search service that aggregates all kinds of software.  You enter some criteria and it narrows your choices.  I started with seven companies: 
  1. Sage Timberline
  2. Microsoft Dynamix SL (Formally Solomon)
  3. COINs
  4. ComputerEase
  5. Maxwell Systems
  6. Spectrum (Dexter & Chaney)
  7. Foundation
I went through demonstrations of each software, spending no less than 2 hours up to 4 hours reviewing and asking questions.  I completed a matrix to help me keep it all straight.  I finally made my decision and presented my findings to management.  1-3 were just too much money for too little usefulness.  They just were not designed for how we do business.  #7 was fine, but I have seen it in action with one of my suppliers and either they don’t know how to use it or it does not work like it did in the sales pitch.  Either way it reflects poorly on the company.  I ended up with 4-6 as my top three with #4 being top on my list.  Admittedly, the salesman is really good, but only because he is so responsive.  Every question is answered quickly and with plenty of detail.  
So, management now wants me to interview users of the top three and come up with more questions we can ask when we do the detailed presentations from the vendors.  At a minimum I will be calling 9 people.  I admit I am impatient, so it is good to have others to throttle me back.  With any luck, I can get this all done in the next week and move forward.

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  1. Hi,
    I own a construction company and was looking for some affordable accounting software. I had come across the list of software you’ve mentioned here. Your finding have helped me in narrowing my choices. Thanks a lot.

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