Healthcare? What’s that?

I recently received a bill for $275 from Cook’s Children’s.  One of my daughters was playing in the yard and got knocking in the noggin by a swing.  It was a pretty ugly lump, so Mel rushed her off to the urgent care to get it looked at.  The nurse spent 15 minutes taking a look and told them to go home and keep an eye on her.  That’ll be $275 please.  I am ashamed that for a moment I wanted Mel to wait a bit before taking my daughter in because I knew it was going to cost a few bucks, but of course I’d spend a million more to make sure my kiddos are alive an healthy.
I now see people (read Republicans) that want to repeal “Obamacare”.  Forgetting for a moment that the healthcare “overhaul” was heavily watered down and did not change much, it was a step towards making healthcare a right in this country.  As a group of citizens, we need to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  To many people avoid getting regular checkups at the doctor or forgoing treatment because they cannot afford it.  In the end, it costs us, as a society even more than if we had cooperated to begin with.  
Think I’m being a socialist?  What do you think we do right now?  Insurance is a capitalist attempt to implement socialist ideas.  The risk is spread among policy holders with some drawing more out than others.  The biggest problem with all of this is the profit motive.  I fully agree that I want my doctor well trained and well paid.  When she is happy and not worrying too much about making ends meet, she can spend time with me and make sure I am healthy.  Unfortunately, most doctors work for hospitals, that want to make a profit.  They get their drugs and equipment from companies that want to make a profit.  We pay for insurance from companies that want to make a profit.  The actual cost of healthcare goes way down when fewer want to make a profit.  
So, what’s the solution?  This is a very simple list, but our country is smart enough to make it work.

  1. Have the public pick up the tab for doctors education.  The loans those people have to take out (for schools trying to make a profit) are enormous.  If that is not a concern, doctors cost less.  We will also get a lot more doctors since it will be a more attractive profession without all the current hassles.  No waiting lines.
  2. Get rid of insurance companies and replace them with a healthcare tax with no loopholes.  Think you already pay too much in tax, think about what you pay for insurance, make it a % and have everyone pay that percentage.
  3. Cancel free healthcare for Congress and other “public servants”.  We are in this together, we need to be on the same page.
It really should not be too hard.  

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  1. I actually, agree with you. I had to pay out of pocket for my 2nd dental cleaning last year and the bill came last week… over $400. I called them pissed as all get out! I disagree with all of their fees. It was my 2nd routine cleaning, that is all. I was in and out and on my way. I told them to rework their math and try again! The ONLY reason my insurance didn't pay is because the previous dentist charged all my $1000 max that was paid by my insurance company. I had no cavities. It is highway robbery. This year, we dropped dental all together as it was costing us more to have it! I can go to the schools locally and pay less than $100 all year for work. Screw them all!!! Cooks, thieves and losers. Its no wonder my husband and I went out of business! We refuse to hose anyone, even the insurance companies.

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