Halloween 2012

This year my oldest daughter wanted to be Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager.  I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to make her the uniform and one for me with the science officer colors.  I purchased two patterns.  One was off eBay designed by Joseph Kerezman and the other was one from Roddenberry.com.  As usual, I got started late and had to polish my skills on the fly.  The patterns were challenging in that the sizing was a little off and the instructions were vague.  I did find a LOT of help from the community at starfleet1701st.yuku.com.  Many there had already been through many of the challenges I was having.

I started with my daughters using the Rodenbuerry.com pattern.  Besides the vague instructions, I also had to deal with pieces not being quite the right size.  As seen here, the yoke at the top and the front panels did not match.  There was a serious gap in the front panels.

So I redrew the piece I needed:


Next problem was needing to resize the whole outfit to her.  You have to take it out of the middle or the whole thing looks wrong.

I got all the pieces cut and reassembled:

Mine went together much faster since I had to do very few modifications (and I was running out of time).  It was a little snug, but otherwise fit well.  The under shirt for me was a Champion running shirt while my daughter wore my attempt at making one.  The badges were a bit gaudy and I could not work out how to add the rank pips on the collar.  Overall, I was pleased with the result and got the bug to make more costumes.

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