Goodbye Bally Total Fitness

I have had a membership here for quite a while.  I have enjoyed it and used it quite often.  However, I have lately started doing more “whole” exercising like riding my bike, playing with my kids, swimming, walking, etc.  Using actual movements and body weight as resistance, the hope is to get in shape without much risk of injury.  Case in point, I have a pain in my left shoulder that will come back from time to time and has been aggravated by pressing weight.

To cancel your membership with Bally, they do not tell you anything on the website except to call in.  Of course, that is so they can try to keep you as a member.  In many cases you can set the account on inactive, for $4 a month or transfer to another person for a “one time fee”, in this case $100.  If you outright want to cancel, you need to do it in writing like so to the following address:

Bally Total Fitness
Attn: Cancellation Dept
PO Box 96241
Washington, DC  20090
[Your name and address]
RE: Member# 
To Whom It May Concern:
Please cancel my membership and stop all automatic withdrawals.
Hope that helps.

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