Gamification of finances

I am a big fan of gamification.  FitBit has done it with physical fitness.  Tripadvisor has done it with reviews.  I’m sure there are other examples, but these are the best known.  I have often thought it would be a great idea for personal finances.  Something like but as you add goals you get badges for reaching those goals.  Since no one has made that happen yet, I am just making something up for myself.  Nothing fancy, just setting some goals and celebrate when certain targets are hit.  While not exactly what I had in mind, there is a site you can learn lessons, take quizzes and earn points and badges.  Better Money Habits is a partnership between Bank of America and Khan University.  Sign up for free, pick a topic and learn something.  Even if it is a repeat of what you already know, it’s good to help keep you motivated.

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