Damn you eBay!!

So my auctions went really well, everything sold, some better than I hoped others not as well; all pretty typical.  I have used eBay for many years, a member since ’99 I have seen a few transactions go bad for various reasons.  Well, this one has been unique.
A single buyer won the majority of the silver dollars.  All my other winners paid quickly, within a day of the auction ending.  One was a little slow, but I had some communications with them so all was good.  But after two days and two tries, I was getting nothing from the big winner.  I was very polite and told them if I heard nothing by noon the next day, I would just assume they were forfeiting.  I go in and try to “report a problem” but eBay locks that out for four whole days.  It says “work it out with the buyer” which is difficult when they are unresponsive.

I see it is possible to make a “Second Chance Offer” to other bidders, so I do and even have a buyer contact me and made payment.  It was not until it was all done that you find out it creates a new transaction entirely so you have to cancel the original auction which requires the original buyer to ok or reject it.  It has been a while since I was on eBay last, but they have clearly made it much more difficult to sell there.  This one transaction has been such a headache in an otherwise great moment of clearing out stuff I don’t want for stuff I do.  Now I am not sure how I want to handle my MTG cards since eBay seems to be more trouble than it is worth.

Update:  The original buyer decided to jump in at the last moment and complete the transaction.  Yay I sold the things, but boo I had to tell the two other “Second Chance” winners that the deadbeat decided to make good all without a single written word to me.  Lesson learned, if you buy on eBay, you have four full days to pay and you don’t have to communicate with the seller at all.