39 years

This is the last year of my 30s.  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  I have LOVED my 30s.  20s were ok, but there is the struggle to get married, get through school, get a job, get a house, get another job and get a house or two and make a family.  All with little money and no sleep.  After busting my rump through my 20s though, it has led to more comfortable 30s with it’s own set of challenges.  I’ll get all introspective next year when I turn 40.

This past year has been pretty darn good.  I’m the controller at my company, have a great boss, a loving wife, three healthy little girls and nice house and time to sit around writing journal entries.  I have a good set of friends, a little coin in my pocket and drink in my cabinet.  I understand who I am, what is important and the difference between problems and inconveniences.  In a word, my life is blessed.

If you are reading this, you had a hand in getting me here and you are important to me.  I love you and thank you.

Now…where the hell’s the whiskey?  I need to celebrate.


So this past Saturday saw the passing of another year.  I am much closer to 40 now.  I had a great weekend planned with my wife and I spending the time together downtown in a hotel.  Unfortunately, fate had other ideas.  A good friend of hers had gotten sick and needed some help so my DW took two of the kiddos and headed out to help.  She is very caring and loving to her friends, so this was really no surprise.  I kept our oldest and we had daddy-daughter time.  She was smitten with the room and downtown, though for the most part we hung out in the room.  I had to endure a LOT of Spongebob Squarepants and some character called “Fred” which was just a hyper, annoying teen throwing fits.  I’m sure every generation says it, but what the hell are kids watching?  We don’t have cable, so we are pretty sheltered from this stuff.  I remember having great cartoons to watch when I was younger.

All-in-all, I had a great time.  I made sure the house was straight when everyone got back and prepared a dinner of vegetables since everyone had been eating really heavy over the week end.  Here’s to another year and hoping it just gets better.

Happy Seven Years Little

Hard to believe it has been seven years now. You have grown so quickly from my Nemesis to my Little. So fashionable, so imaginative, you make friends easily. You feeling things deeply and expect so much from your world. I’m glad you are my daughter and lok forward to all the future birthdays.