Capital One you sneeky little devils

I have been paying my credit cards off for a while now and finally got it down to one. I have some accounts with Capital One so I thought it was a safe bet. Earlier this year, CO decided to increase everyones rate across the board since those poor defenseless banks just aren’t getting the billions in profits they once were. I don’t think I got this notice, but I have no way of knowing for certain. The notice in not put on any of your regular banking statements, so most people did not get a chance to “opt out”.
What’s that you say? Opt out of a higher rate? Yes, if you did not respond, they take that to mean you are cool with having your rate increase. In my case by 236%. Is the legal? Yes, Ethical, certainly not. So after two days of calling, you get sent to the same place with a “Senior Account Supervisor” who cannot do anything to change your really high rate. They have no supervisors with more authority. In short, you are stuck.
So here I am with a minimum payment that is only sightly higher than the interest they are getting (I pay more than the minimum always.) If I were some poor soul who did not understand this, it would take almost a decade to clear that debt. As it is, I will just work harder to clear the debt and then start working to close my accounts. How very sad they just don’t like customers.
I finally got a personal loan and wrapped that account up.

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