A new car! Sort of…

Finally, after 17 years I went and bought a new (to me) car.  My 1997 Toyota Camry has been an amazing car and will be passed on to my oldest daughter as she learns to drive.  I felt it was time to get something that could haul the entire family if we needed to, but also get good for road trips and camping, two of my passions. My short list of “must haves” were:

  1. Affordable
  2. Reliable
  3. Third row seats
  4. Bonus, all wheel drive
The only one that kept coming up was the Kia Sorento. There are others for sure, but they were way more expensive.  I found a 2011 that had everything.  It was even the right color.  I took the girls on a four day road trip to camp at Fort Davis and it performed exactly the way I had hoped.  Like my last car, I intend to drive this one for a very long time.

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