My Poison

“What’s you poison?”  Outside of the movies, I’ve never actually heard this used.  :^)  However, my favorite would have to be Canadian Club.

A little history.  I am a former Mormon (Ex-Mo or apostate for those in the know).  I joined at 16, so that coupled with a mother who had a drinking problem, I was never very interested in alcohol.  Flash forward many years.  I left the church and it’s prohibitions and decided my mothers problems were not my problems.  So after some experimenting, I decided that Canadian Club was my favorite.  It is really smooth with a hint of sweetness that does not give me that reflux feeling some of the stronger whiskies do. 

I still try other whisky brands to see if there might be something I like or that compares.  My brother introduced me to Red Stag.  While it is ok, it if more for sipping occasionally.  I don’t care much for Crown Royal and I have tried many of their offerings like the regular, Black and Cask No.16.  Still, none compare.