The Boogie Man: Gun Control

I recently watched Under the Gun at the request of my beautiful wife.  I typically avoid watching things like this because it just upsets me so much.  My one and only fear is losing one of my daughters and films like this remind me just how terribly random violence, specifically with gun, can be.  Further, it makes me so angry to know it’s preventable.  The only thing holding progress back is money.  Money from the NRA to buy politicians and short circuit the voice of the people. Knowing that if just ONE billionaire took an interest, they could sway a few politicians away from the terrible policies.  But they don’t.  And politicians won’t change either.  They will only listen to the highest bidder or, providence forbid, someone close to them is a victim.  I urge you to see the movie, reach out to your representatives and reach out to one of the groups trying to make a difference.