I’d rather have the ability to live in the Caribbean than collect 9% per dollar. Books and a hammock sound way better than some of the alternatives.

Papa Bear

I love the metaphor of the Mama Bear!  That time when a mother is called upon to defend her child.  It is a thing to behold.  But what about that creature we don’t talk about.  The ferocious beat that fathered those kids.  That mythical creature that hides in the shadows and only reveals itself when things are really dire.  The Papa Bear…the Kodiak!  Try standing up to that monster!

I’m tire of the stereotype of the deadbeat dad.  There are a lot of them, but times have changed.  There are many men that are amazing parents.  They can provide a life for their kids that previously both parents wanted for them.  Courts seem to still be under the mistaken notion that women are always more nurturing.  It’s an old and outdated model.  It needs to be rethought.