How to Install Amazon MP3 on Isadora

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 How to Install Amazon MP3 on Isadora

If you’ve recently tried to install the Amazon MP3 downloader in the hopes of purchasing some music to play on Linux Mint / Isadora, you probably quickly realized it depends on an older version of libboost than what you have installed. It’s a very simple fix to make it work, and here’s how.
Please note that these instructions are currently only for 32-bit installs.
First the steps, and then the actual commands:
  1. Open the terminal and create a new directory called temp
  2. Download the older version of libboost
  3. wget the libboost older libraries
  4. Install
  5. Cleanup
  6. Download the Amazon MP3 Installer (or re-run it)
Simple enough, yeah?  Here are the details:
mkdir tmp

cd tmp
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

cd .. 

rm -r tmp
Once completed, simply re-run or download the Amazon MP3 downloader and you’re good to go.  
Thanks to tvst on the Ubuntu forums for finding the solution to this: