Mixing it up

I was looking through the blogs I follow and was really impressed with the layout that my cousin uses, so I totally stole it (called Magazines in the Dynamic Views Templates here on blogger).  After doing that, I realized I had bee neglecting this space for my Tumblr so I did some clean up here.  Why have both?  Well, they each do something well.  Blogger is easy to use on a desktop, but no so much from the mobile device.  I find it harder to post and repost things in Blogger.  On the other hand, I like the commenting and more feature rich setup here in blogger.  In order to do both with as little work as possible , I use a third service called Posterous.  It lets me post to numerous place at once and then I can go to the individual spaces and edit as I need.

Update:  Since I wrote this, Posterous appears to be tanking thanks to being acquired by Twitter.  Also, I shifted www.jamesthegeneralist.com to point to Blogger rather than Tumblr.  Tumblr is by far much easier to share posts on Facebook, but I prefer the look here on Blogger.