The Look – Casual Riddler

Combining my love of superhero culture and looking sharp, I decided to make suit combinations based off some well known characters.  Since I love the villains the most, I started with one inspired by my friend Josh.  He is THE Riddler hands down.  Has the look down to the details.  Doesn’t just dress the part, but channels the character.  I started with the cufflinks and built around that.

JF J. Ferrar Stretch Gabardine Suit Separates – Slim Fit
I have one of these suits in each of the colors offered.  Navy, Grey and now black.  I like the simplicity of the cut and how well it fits.  It’s a slim suit, so it hugs close but with the stretch fabric there’s no binding.

Berlioni Convertible French Cuffs Shirt

My new favorite shirt for this project, these come in a variety of striking colors.  They fit just as expected with plenty of room to move, but still giving a slim profile.  The convertible cuff means you can button it like a standard shirt, or add some cufflinks for that extra flare all at a very reasonable price.

Green and purple silk pocket square. 

I found this little beauty on Amazon and it help bring the whole thing together.  Mixing the purple of the tie with the green of the shirt.  One of my new favorites.

When I saw these, I knew I had to have them.  What better way to accent The Riddler than with question mark cufflinks?

Purple silk paisley tie

Not exactly the same, but close, I think the purple and black give it a shade of sinister and makes the outfit more class than cartoon.  I think I’d still do a bright solid purple sometimes though.