A Little Bragging

I am getting all the work I have commissioned over the years digitized.  In doing so, I came across some pieces I did.  Don’t get your hopes up too high, these generally took me a long time and only when I was really inspired, but I think they turned out pretty darn well.

This is Dado (short “a”).  Based on my father about 45-50/yo.  I made a couple of comic strips (think Plugger) using him.

At one time I have been the proud owner of six ferrets.  One year I decided to do a X-mas card and this is what I came up with.  I printed out the cards and colored the hat in red.
Ferret Card
In another lifetime, I was a Mormon and served a mission in Perth, Australia.  Since there is no TV or reading books or magazines (though I did ;^) ) I had more time on my hands.  I spent many days and hours drawing this copied off of a photo in a church magazine.  Like any good perfectionist, I just didn’t think it looked quite right.
The next two were birthday cards I made for some people.

This was an image I found in a paper advertising a book called “Deadmeat”.  I traced it and used it as an exercise for shading.

OK fans of fantasy…where is this creature from?

Another exercise in shading.

My DW…

And finally a little geometric coloring.