Stupid Netflix

A while back I was able to watch Netflix instantly on my computer with no trouble.  Then they got into bed with the devil (Microsoft) and now everything is done on the Silverlight platform.  Every video is choppy and unwatchable.  I have tried to contact Netflix, but you just get stuck in an endless loop of click-a-button that gets you nowhere.  So in my frustration, they get a nastygram through my rarely read blog.

Netflix, stop fucking with me.  I know you have a monopoly right now, but so did Blockbuster and look where they went after ignoring customers.  Get a better platform.


I am at the Starbucks on Euless Main and 183. I have to specify since there is also one near me close to Home Depot on Industrial and 183. I prefer the one I at since they smile and don’t act like I’m a burden interupting their day.

For today’s trip I had an empty Starbucks bag as payment for my coffee and a leftover giftcard for my sandwich. Total bill: $0.63 cents, plus a dollar tip. Oh frugality.

I walked here this morning since my kitchen is a wreck and I did not want to mess with it. So, I having a relaxing moment with my phone and a hot cup-a-joe. Ah…bliss.