“Yellow Page” scammers

Here’s the scam…you get a call from Generic “Yellow Page” company.  They talk fast and tell you they have an outstanding invoice with your company.  They drop a name or two saying they have a contract and that it is about to go to collections unless you pay.  They send over the invoice and hope you just pay.  If you argue with them, they get feisty, tell you to calm down, stop yelling, and generally talk over you.  All in the hopes you’ll buckle and pay.

Last year, we got this call, it was for a very little amount and after some argument, the decision was made to pay them so they’d go away.

We got that call again.

It came to my AP, who very smartly told him no way, this is a scam and stop calling.  He called back, was told the same thing.  He called again and the call was sent to me.  I laughed and hung up.  He called again. At which point I told everyone of thy got the call it was to come to me.

I got that call again.

I laid into “Mr. Richard Walker” for calling and harassing my company.  He tried talking over me, but I only spoke louder and asked for his supervisor.  He tried all his scare tactics, to which I told him I had asked for his supervisor and by law he was suppose to transfer me.  More threatening me with legal action was met with requests to speak to his supervisor.

He hung up and I won.

We then received a fax with a “statement” of charges.  There was a phone number and address.  After a little research, it appear the address being used is not really theirs and the phone seems to be tied to Canada.  I spent about an hour reporting them to every agency I could think of and now I am putting their name here so the name, phone or address may get picked up and seen as a scam. If you are contacted by these people, do not give them any financial data and asked for the signed contract.  If threats ensue, keep asking for a supervisor until they get bored of you repeating it.

Yellow National Directory
1111 Lincoln Road, Suite 400
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Richard Walker

Update: I reported them to the BBB and they responded that they had “cleared our account”.  I replied we never had an account to begin with.  They replied with the same canned message and I closed the case.  Idiots

This company is a scam and it committing fraud.  Please be careful when dealing with these criminals.