Down the Brazos

My father found out he has prostate cancer about four months ago.  As a result, he wanted to go down the Brazos river with his sons.  He had read the book “Goodbye to a River” and had talked about doing the trip with his dad, but did not get around to it before my granddad died.  So my brother and I put it together and headed out today.

We decided to keep it a little closer since we had not done anything like this before.  Travel tip, avoid Hillbilly Haven. While we did have fun, the price to value ratio was way off. $15 each adult for an uncovered tube and a REALLY rough ride to the drop off point. The bathroom facilities should have had dirt floors since the toilet seemed to be optional to some previous guests. I felt dirty just walking in and out. Next time I think we’ll do Rochelle’s.  I had spent the night there with my wife some months back when we headed out that way to camp without reservations.  Although the site was very primitive, the water was clear, cool and moving.  We had a great time there and I think it would be a fun time down the river.  Also, while I lathered on the sun screen, twice, and spent much of the time waist deep, I still got plenty toasted.

I also had a milestone while on the river, I finally wore a hole in my Vibram KSOs.  It is a small one and I am going to see if I can repair them, but it may be time to retire my first pair.