Father’s Day Camping

I booked a trip to Galveston State Park at the beginning of the year for this past weekend.  It was Father’s Day and I wanted to spend it camping with my daughters.  After driving through Houston during rush hour we were a bit rattled, so we got set up and kicked around the beach for a bit before dinner.  We went back that evening to see what all came out and there were dozens of sand crabs as well as some different crabs in the gulf.  The next day, we spent almost the entire day on the beach.  With plenty of sunscreen and a portable cover we were only minorly red.  Abby and I did a lot of exploring catching sea crabs, minnows in a freshwater shallow area near the dunes and coming upon a sea snake in the water.

That evening we decided to explore the city a bit.  We ate dinner then went for some ice cream.  I kept a careful eye on the weather and each forecast had about 60% chance of rain after 10.  All radars clear.  We went for a walk after the ice cream and noticed the horizon getting darker.  By the time we arrived at one of the jetties the clouds had gotten much closer and more menacing.  I decided we needed to head back, but the storm came in really quick.  I finally got us back to camp expecting to see our tent a little moved, maybe even the rainfly off and stuff wet.  To my horror it was completely flat.  When I finally inspected it, all the poles on one side were snapped in half and even one point poking through a seam in the rainfly.  Much of the stuff inside was soaked.  Our neighbor came over to inform me they had laid it flat since the believed the high winds would blow the ten away.  It wouldn’t have of course, at most it would have been pushed into the large RV right next to us.  With the help of my oldest daughter, we were able to get everything packed except the now tangled mash of poles and made our way to a hotel for the night.

I’ve reached out to REI to see what I need to do to get new poles.  We love our tent and plan on making a sign that says “Just let me fly away” for it.  Despite everything, it wa a good trip.  Everything but the destroyed poles and driving through Houston.  We witnessed two accidents within a mile of each other with one happening right behind us.  I’d like to go back at some point.