2014…What a year!

Can we just take a step back and appreciate how much difference a year makes?  This time last year, my divorce was almost final.  I was not entirely sure what to do with myself.  I felt lost.  My apartment felt too big.  I missed my kids.  2013 had been a nightmare.

I woke up from the NYE party my buddy Jeremy throws, in a chair at his house.  I gathered myself together and started making plans.  I saw the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and booked my first trip of the year to SLC.  Jeremy’s 40th Bday in NOLA. After that, solo camping, camping with my daughters, road trips to Memphis, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and even Disney World.  Lots of happy hours with my friends and even a few dates in there. ;^)

So, what is 2015 going to bring?  I’m not entirely sure.  Something else I learned was to live with few expectations.  Enjoy where you’re at with those you are with.  I do hope to travel more by myself, with my daughters and with those special to me.  I hope to write another post like this in a year talking about how much more amazing 2015 has been.