Night Ride

Saturday evening after dinner, I made a little coffee and went to sit in the driveway my the girls rode bikes.  I watched as a squirrel ran back and forth and later was followed by a baby squirrel.  The wrestled a it and the mother even tried to carry the baby back up the tree at one point.  Later, I needed to get some books back to the library.  We had a LOT of them, so I hooked up the trailer.  J wanted to come along, so I packed her in too.  When we got out front of city hall, we saw two animal crawling around.  I stopped and could see it was two foxes.  Such a great night and reminder why it is just better to take the bike if I can.

My Minimalist Christmas

I realized recently that I have almost everything that I want.  In fact, I have more than I really want of some things.  So I have been trying to clear out things that I no longer want to make room for the negative space.  Then there’s Christmas.  I don’t any stuff.  If you feel strongly about getting me something, I will gladly accept homemade gifts.   My preference this year however is for you to help your local library or make it personal and help mine:

Euless Library Foundation

201 N. Ector Drive
Euless, TX 76039

I love libraries.  I can get almost any book I want.  The girls and I use ours regularly for music, books and movies.  The one thing they are always short on is funds.  Oh, and if you know anything about websites and you’d like to donate your time and talents, please contact my library.  The foundations site is simplistic, incomplete and not user friendly.
For those on my list, it’ll be simple.  I don’t want to add to your hoard anymore than I want you to add to mine.  Also, let’s face it, we’re all pretty broke, so let’s do ourselves a favor and not just trade resources.  I am not trying to be a scrooge here, I just know how quickly the feeling of excitement fades and how disappointment can set in.  I love you all and you don’t need a special occasion to show me or for me to show you.   

Elf | Your Personal Email Library Reminder Service

In a quest to stay organized, I found a way to keep track of the many library cards that we acquire. I have one for my local library as do two of my girls and my wife. I also have one for the library close to my work, since they often have something my local does not. So to keep all those books in order and avoid late fees, I turn to Library Elf

Elf | Your Personal Email Library Reminder Service

This service lets you put all of your cards in one place. With the premium service (which costs a whopping $20 for the year) you can see at a glance what is due where and when. You can also get email alerts when you get to busy to check the website.

Even if you only have one card, the alerts are worth sining up for the service.