That time in Las Vegas

I met this beautiful woman online.  After that first meeting, we saw each other almost ever day after.  We took a few trips, including one with the entire family, on the road, to Florida.  While we were there, I knew I wanted her to be my partner always.  I asked her to marry me and she said yes.  What a lucky guy!   We discussed a few options for getting married and finally decided we wanted it simple, small and fun, so we chose…

A couple of our closest friends were able to make it.

Including my childhood bear.

We chose something…classy.

The wedding was…entertaining.

And now I have this amazing woman with me always.

First Date, Part Deux – The Sequel!

After a successful first date and tons of texting for a week, we made plans to see each other again.  By now, I’ve introduced her to Mad Men, found out she has ice spheres for her cocktails and enjoys dressing up properly for a date.  She sets up a Mad Men themed date to showcase my suit and her in a dress.  On the way out, it’s raining…again.  As an after thought, I grab my umbrella to protect my suit.  We meet at the Melting Pot. I walk in and awkwardly fumble with my umbrella and go for a hug as she leans in for a peck on the cheek.  She’s wearing the reddest lipstick I’ve ever seen, but what I’m most drawn too are her gorgeous legs.

We finally get seated and have an amazing meal, complete with gin and tonics, followed by more hours of conversation.  My hand falls upon her leg, by accident of course, and it is smooth and strong.  This is getting serious.  We finally call it a night and as we step out, still raining.  For hells sake, will I never get to kiss this woman?!  I pop open the umbrella, walk her to the car and before she can get in, I pull her close with my free hand and kiss her.  Of course, it’s amazing.  I ridiculously turned on but cold and getting wet, so we say goodbye.  Of course, things went really well so I know this has at least turned into a trilogy.