What I’ve learned so far…

James/ July 16, 2015/ Divorce, Family, Love, Princesses/ 0 comments

I’ve had my daughters for two weeks and two days of our extended summer.  The past few months have been a little rough because they have all been sick off and on for most of this year, even to the point of my youngest needing to see a lung specialist.  In the first few days, the coughs went away and

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Why make it harder?

James/ June 22, 2015/ Divorce, Family, Father, Princesses/ 0 comments

If the father of your kids wants to spend more time with them, why would you prevent that?  If you could have more free time, why not take advantage?  If your only weapon left is to use the other parent’s time, maybe you should end the war.I actually had to ask for extra time with my daughters for Father’s Day.

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Kissing Giantesses

James/ August 5, 2014/ Art, Family, Love/ 1 comments

So my cousin and her lovely wife Jane were at a pride parade being amazing in stilts and colorful costumes made by Regina Armenta when Jai Brooks captured this photo. This was then turned into a painting by the talented Joan Cox. This was in turn used as the cover for the cover of the Sep/Oct 2014 Lesbian Connection magazine. And finally

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Mineral Wells for a day

James/ September 17, 2012/ Family, Nature, Outdoors, Recreation/ 0 comments

We decided to take the day and head out to Mineral Wells.  The first stop was Mineral Wells Fossil Park.  It is a little tricky to get to.  The turnoff from 180 comes up quickly after the sign for Indian Creek.  You go down a bumpy road that turns into a dirt road and then you are there.  We go

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Down the Brazos

James/ July 13, 2011/ Family, Father, River, Tubing, Vacation/ 0 comments

My father found out he has prostate cancer about four months ago.  As a result, he wanted to go down the Brazos river with his sons.  He had read the book “Goodbye to a River” and had talked about doing the trip with his dad, but did not get around to it before my granddad died.  So my brother and

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An Uncle Once More

James/ April 14, 2011/ Babies, Family/ 0 comments

My brother and his wife just added to the brood and I am an uncle two more times over.  Here are Cooper and Kerigan fresh from the stork’s jaws.

Time Off

James/ January 2, 2011/ Family, Travel, Trekking, Vacation/ 0 comments

A few months ago, my boss calls me in and tells me I have quite a bit of vacation left and that it needs to be used before the end of the year or I lose it.  Feeling like Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions”, I start trying to spend a bunch of days.  I took most of them at the

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