I took a couple of Myers-Briggs like tests.  For those who are not familiar with this test, it is a tool used to identify one’s personality type.  The idea being, if you can narrow a person’s type down it would help in relationships and identifying possible career paths.  I have taken this test a few times over the years and I’m sure the traits have changed a bit as I have grown.

I found a couple of sites that offer the test and explanations for free.  Personality Desk was simplistic, but the explanation of the types also included a Dynamics portion which detailed how the dominant and weak traits interact.  Truity had a better test and much of the same info about the different types as Personality Desk.  After taking the test I came up with my type being either ENTJ or ENTP.  In most cases, I was very close on each element but the J & P were too close to call.  I read through both, and I really could not tell you which one I am more like.

From Personlity Desk: 
Perceivers like flexibility and spontaneity, and want to leave their options open. They prefer to:
  • Put off a decision as long as possible
  • Make the rules up as they go
  • Have the freedom to be flexible
  • Brainstorm options
  • Do things when inspiration strikes
  • Go with the flow and enjoy surprises
Judgers like structure and order, and want to make decisions and plan ahead. They prefer to:
  • Make a decision as soon as possible
  • Understand the rules and regulations
  • Set clear expectations
  • See a task through to completion
  • Adhere to a schedule
  • Create a plan and stick to it

In both cases, I can see myself.  I put off decisions. I tend to flaunt rules and generally like to keep options open.  I don’t always finish what I start, or at a minimum take a long time to complete.  I hate surprises and I prefer a routine most of the time in my day to day life.  But I don’t like having a schedule to stick to or making concrete plans.  

I enjoy the exercise of getting to know myself better.  I think it helps to improve myself and relationships with others.  If you happen to read this, which do you think I am?  What was your type?