The Voyager Project

A few months ago, I made some simple costume versions of the Star Trek: Voyager uniform for Halloween for my oldest daughter and myself.  We also wore them to the Star Wars Fandays convention.  My second oldest wanted a Star Trek uniform as well, but I did not have time to make her one, so she went as a Raven Claw student from Hogwarts.  However, this did give me an idea.  One that would occupy me for many hours over 5 months.  The girls and me in Voyager uniforms for DCC 2013.  If your interested in the details, they can be found at the Starfleet1701st forums.  Suffice it to say, I took great pains to make sure these were a little more than just simple costumes.  I tried to get an accurate fit, shape and color for each.  I even went so far as to hand dye the division colors of the yoke and shoulder caps and have proportionatly sized comm badges made for the girls.

Coloring fabric
All cut and ready to assemble

The project was fun and rewarding, but very challenging.  I had to learn a few new skills and techniques to get the uniforms put together and look right.  I don’t anticipate doing anything quite so grand again.  I want to give special thanks to Andy, Katswell and Sparky from the forum for their help in making this project possible.  Their support made an impossible task possible.

The Girls & Me on the red carpet

The Girls & Me at the USS Joshua Stargate.

Fun with phasers

Who you calling nerd?

Wall of Fame

It took a while, but I finally collect enough photos and autographs to make the wall in my office something to talk about.  

I have been going to convetions seriously since 2003.  Back then, I mostly got sketches from my favorite artists.  While I still do that, the past two years I have made it a point to get autographs and photos with some of my favorite celebrities.  I thought these would be better in my office than copies of the sketches.  It has worked out as well as I’d hoped, though I have to explain who most of the people are.  I also wanted to get my degrees on the wall.  That is high school through masters pictured.

The hardest part was finding a way to get them on the wall.  I wanted something that was easy to hang, not requireing a lot of leveling and holes in the wall, was easily adjustable and relatively understated so as not to detract from the photos.  I decided on STAS Picture Hanging Systems.  It uses a bar across the top that you need to anchor and make level, then has cords that hang down and clips that slid into place.  The pictures can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally this way.  My only complaint is that the hanger clips are much more visible than pictured and they are pretty thick so the frame is pushed off the wall a bit and tilts making it hard to level..  I have ordered the smaller clips in the hopes that they will be less visible.

I also wanted all matching frames.  I chose and went mostly with their Architect picture frame in black since it was simple and understated.  They frames arrived quickly and well packed.  Of the 30 or so frames I ordered, only one had cracked glass which I found a replacement for at Home Depot.  Since nothing is ever perfect, my only complaint here was I did not get the hanger on the back for the smaller ones, perhaps I ordered the wrong one and the ones that did have it you have to attach it yourself.  Home Depot again had the parts I needed and a couple of hours later they were ready to be hung.  One note, when putting the hanger on, always mark and prepunch the holes.  The hanger itself is pretty flimsy and the frame seemed to be a pretty solid oak or other hard wood.

I plan on getting a few more photos in May at Dallas Comicon, where William Shatner and some of The Next Generation cast will be appearing.  I have space here to add about 6-7 then I may need to expand to a new wall.

Sci-Fi Expo 2013

I volunteered for the Official Pix team again for their Sci-Fi Expo.  It was a great show.  I got to meet many wonderful celebraties who were all too happy to take time with each fan and even engage my kiddos in coversation about who they were and if they were enjoying the show.  I got a few signed photos and a picture with Mr. Avery Brooks, Capt. Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.  Such a great guy, and the second Star Trek captain on my wall.  William Shatner is scheduled to be in town for hte May show, so I am hoping to make that number three.