Love my city

I like living in Euless.  It is neatly situated between Dallas and Fort Worth, I can ride my bike to the TRE station nearby, the Library is open every day and the city officials listen to those who live here.  We live a block from a park and there is a creek that runs the length of one side.  At the far corner, there is a place where it goes under the sidewalk and street.  Anyone walking out of the park and neighborhood have to walk over there creek.  I rode by there with the girls on bikes a couple of times.  It always made me a little nervous because there was no rail between the sidewalk and the 6 foot drop to nasty water and rocks:

 I sent the pictures above to the street department and asked that they add a rail.  The other day, my dear wife and I were on a walk through the neighborhood and saw this:


So take the time to contact you city.  If you live anywhere other than the incredibly dysfunctional White Settlement, you’ll probably be able t get something done.