The last few nights I have been having travel dreams.  Not happy travel dreams, literal dreams about me trying to get from point A to B.  In the dreams I am encountering lots of obstacles and running late, etc.  I have also been thinking a lot about my personal life goals.  Wanting to save more, get out of debt, create other streams of income, invest, etc. I think, and my beautiful wife confirmed, the dreams are likely my mind responding to the stress I am putting on myself.  This makes sense because while I was finishing my masters, working full time and trying to raise a family, I would have dreams about being in a class and having a major test, but not having gone to that class in weeks.  Or being back in band and needing to perform a technical piece I had not practiced.  The mind trying to deal with that feeling of not being prepared.
Today I am making time to deal with some of that.  I have to do some mundane stuff like mow the lawn and buy kitty litter, but I will also be getting some pictures made of things I can sell and get to posting.  I was held back from posting because I hate eBay and their severe anti-seller policies.  I also wanted to get everything in order and post all at once.  Instead, I’m setting the goal of posting just one thing each day so I’m not overwhelmed and using sites like Bonanza and Craigslist.