I’ve had my pity party.  Poor me, my marriage has ended.  Dating is hard.  I hate being alone.  You know what?  I am really blessed.  Or charmed.  Or damn lucky.  I have three amazing little girls who adore me.  They are healthy and happy.  And smart…REALLY smart.  I have a great job that pays well.  I am rather good looking, in my humble opinion.  I am healthy with all my faculties and parts.  I have met some very fascinating people, made some new friends, had some…interesting…experiences.  Sure I’m sorry one life had to end for another to begin, but that’s life.  If you understand things are not permanent, it’s easier to accept when they are gone.  It also helps to know you still have SO much!  Look on the bright side.  It could always be worse. (One more cliche’ here).