Bike Trek

This morning, I did it.  I rode to work on my bicycle.  The total distance was a mere 13.2 miles traveled in 1 hour 15 min for an avg. 10.56 mph.  Had that been all nice even road so sidewalk, the trip would have been pretty easy.  There were a lot of spots where the side walk abruptly ended or was in really bad shape.  Thankfully, the Gitchee Gumee is a hybrid, so taking in off rad for a little bit was no trouble.  When I got here, I was pretty sweaty, but thanks to a tip from my cuz, I had some baby wipes on hand for a quick towel bath.
Note to self, your work keys are on that ring with your car keys.  You need to bring it even if you are not driving.
Here is the route taken:

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Update:  I made the trip back home, so tat is a total of 26.5 miles on the bike today.  I know it sounds cliche’, but the ride home was much harder.  I was tired from this morning then the whole way back felt like it was up hill with the wind and sun in my face and there were a LOT more cars on the road.  I actually had to get off and walk the bike up a couple of hills and stop twice to catch my breath.  It was tough, but so worth it.

Me and Gary Fisher

Many years ago, maybe 2000, I went to a car show with my dad and brothers.  I entered a couple of drawings and a month later got a call that I had won a bike.   I have ridden her very little over the years.  Melissa got more use out of her than I did.  After two moves and lots of neglect, I finally took my bike in to get her tuned up.  I had become inspired by my amazing aunt that I have reconnected with and also hearing that love another friend had for her two wheeled companion.
I looked around for her online, but she appears to be too old to list. only goes back to 2002, but the model I have appears to be a 1998 Gitche Gumee.  Notice there are no pics.  A Google search turns up very little as well.  This is the Gitche that gets me around:

The orange really stands out and has not faded in all these years.  There are a few scratches, but these were mostly from my DW shoving the bike in the trunk of the Camry for lack of a bike rack.  The only things I have modified are the seat and tires.  I put a slightly wider, comfier seat as well as fatter, smoother road tires.  I find  I look forward to getting on her now, even in the heat.
I hope to start using her to commute to work.  I work about 13 miles from my home, but there are some pretty treacherous roads between me and my goal.  I am only a bout 3 miles from the TRE, and 2 miles from the TRE station to my job.  That might be an option, but it is $7.50 to ride the train. 🙁
I am not a MAMIL by any means, but I am only getting started, so we’ll see.